What is this blog all about?

a journal of an NBEJourney (natural breast enlargement) and you are welcome to join in!

Hello All!

My name is Molly!  I document my NBE journey , starting from a 34A planning for a 34D!  Although I understand that genetics play a role in this, I have high hopes and I am very dedicated to the work it takes to get there!  The best thing I can give you as the first impression of my blog is that I am a real woman, mother of 3 (nursed all of them), and have lived a tough life as a single mom, now with a good man.  I am a God believing woman and I love and cherish what God has given me.    After having babies and nursing over and over again, the boobs are not such an asset anymore.  After expanding and shrinking so many times, they’ve lost their luster, shape and not to mention, much smaller then before children!  All they’ve really gained is stretch marks.

For a couple years I had wanted breast implant surgery and really never thought about what that meant other then having some boobs on my chest!  I didn’t know that it could mean -hard breasts, painful to the touch, or no sensation at all!  It can damage nerves, infection is a risk, leakage is a risk, among a lot of other risks -this realization scared me and the thought “I have three kids and it’s just not right for me to put myself out there in those circumstances” haunted me!  I don’t judge anyone who has, (I once wanted them) in fact I think if it works for some women that’s awesome!  The point is to feel better about ourselves and after babies, weight loss, and other things that can effect the way our breasts look, we are left with few choices…

…that’s what I thought!

After breastfeeding my third child I basically only had nipples left, lol!  If I didn’t like the way I looked, what did my husband think?  I didn’t not feel happy about my body.  I had issues with cellulite and no breasts, not the most attractive combo!  I was determined to figure out how to get the body I wanted…but the option of surgery was off the table..

I started to look up foods that would help to increase the size of my breasts, and then I began really getting into reading about this stuff and lone behold you can use herbs, massage and diet to increase your breast size?

I was jumping for joy inside and thought it was going to be easy as eating pie, but not so…  I realized in my second week that this is major work, and dedication to a new lifestyle including, eating habits, routine, and exercise…

is it worth it for bigger boobs??”   HELL YEA!

My first couple weeks were rocky, I mean I stayed on the path, took my fenugreek and saw palmetto everyday, it was my emotions that were rocky and I had to get tougher and more patient if this was actually going to work!

How The Heck Does Natural Breast Enlargement Work?

If we break it down to very simple terms, we are talking about hormones, fat, and circulation.  Hormones as in female hormones mainly.  Okay, so you must balance your hormones if you want to enable your boobs to accept any of the estrogen (the major girl power hormone, hehe..) and then we do need that progesterone to fill those boobies up!  Testosterone is the one we want to keep down, that one my friend is your boobies worst enemy.  Don’t get me wrong we need all of them, but firstly we need balance!

I have bought a lot of info, lotions, oils, herbs, teas, “pills”, and not everything is just going to work like magic.  It all comes back around to balancing hormones, eating healthier and massaging religiously!

Best thing about the NBE routine: it improves overall health!  I am feeling the best I’ve ever felt in my life!  My skin has become smoother, less cellulite, and my hair is softer and shinier!  I also have more energy and sleep better!  I am loving life and my body!  I am sharing every tip that I have including what herbs I take to the foods that are beneficial!  I also post my updates from week to week!   Hope it’s helpful!  Thanks for visiting!

3 Major Components to Natural Breast Enlargement are:

#1  Balance Hormones

#2  Massage with a great oil

#3  Eat Organic Good Fatty Foods

In a Matter of Months your flat chest will actually look like breasts!

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