Why I Love Pueraria Mirifica for My Breast Enlargement!


Why I Love Pueraria Mirifica for My Breast Enlargement!

Hey girlfriends, As you might know I started out as a pancaked A size mama.  I nursed all three babies and my boobs were over it, I mean droopy and saggy if you know what I mean, they gave up!  Here is Why I Love Pueraria Mirifica for My Breast Enlargement!

I was almost giving up on my NBE program because I didn’t want to smell like maple syrup anymore from (fenugreek) and I felt like I was enduring way too much for the progress that was happening!  I was increasing in size from the fenugreek, but it was sort of different then pueraria mirifica, but hang on I’ll talk on about that in a sec.. Okay so I actually did quit the fenugreek and saw palmetto, sadly I am prone to cellulite and for some reason I was gaining cellulite way quicker then my boobs were growing!  I know I thought it was all over, I thought all my plans were ended to grow my itty bitty boobs, I literally was very down.  For the first time in my life I decided to push myself and workout about every other day and slowly my butt is improving, but what about my NBE program, was I just gonna give up and call it quits, hell no, I don’t quit (just alcohol and smokes), anyway I decided to minimize my herbs and vitamins because I honestly could not figure out what was my problem, I was too tired all the time, and my hormones seemed to be going hay wire (emotional and cranky) I felt bloated and fat!  So I quit it all!

Then I started

Purafem Breast Enhancing Kit


How I began taking Pueraria Mirifica and when I began to see results!

I know you are advised to take it the day you get your period, but the last time I tried that I got a massive migraine and I was scared to do that again, so I started actually about a week before my period and I did not get a headache (Amen)!  I took one a day that I would mix in an oatmeal smoothie (sound weird?) I love it!  It’s quick oats, almond milk, cod liver oil (cherry flavored) and cinnamon blended up in a blender.  I blend it up and pour, then I slowly mix 1 capsule of pueraria mirifica into it.  It dissolves and adds a little farm taste to it (quite literally).  You can just take the capsule like a normal person too, I can’t swallow pills that’s why I open it and put it right into my drink.  And it matters what Pueraria Mirifica that you get, it should be White Kwao Krua and farm raised just like Purafem.

After around a week of taking 1 a day I moved it up to 2, one in the morning and one at night!  At night I take it with some chocolate almond milk!  I began seeing results after a week and every so often feel it working like the tingling and the fullness is much more then with fenugreek.  I feel like this is going to be long term!

Side note:  I was getting so obsessed with naturally enlarging my breasts that I was taking too many things, I even tried (soy flour) and omg I broke out into a hive sort of rash!  Alright so just like everything in life “everything in moderation” is the key!

I have lowered my dose down to 

Pueraria mirifica every night, but I am taking a week off around my period.  It seems to work for me, my breasts are growing substantially faster with pueraria mirifica then they were with fenugreek and saw palmetto and it is so much easier!

In all honesty, I sadly have not even been massaging, because I got so into my workouts now that I am tired… I don’t feel like doing all that by the time it’s bedtime!  But I am starting back up again now that I am really beginning to see and feel real growth!  The kind of growth this is, is not all fat either, which especially makes me happy because if it is mostly mammary glands and connective tissue building up then it will also be more permanent and that is what I read about pueraria mirifica also is that the results are more permanent then other avenues of natural breast enlargement.

I don’t have an exact measurement increase that I can give you because I don’t measure regular.  I get too down when it fluctuates.  But I can say that I started my NBE journey at a sloping 34A and now a full 34B and can feel it continuously at this point.

My Diet

Is fairly low fat, I try to cut out all processed foods, breads, and sugars!  It’s really hard to do, but I am eating a lot more fruit instead and my cellulite is much better!  Some sites about breast enlargement tell you to start eating all kinds of fats, following this “you” will get fat not just your breasts!  I eat a ton of healthy fats, just stay away from trans fats, hydrogenated fats and not too many saturated fats.  I eat a lot of eggs, avocados, bananas, coconut oil, nuts -those types of healthy fats.  Eating healthy is what will lower your bad estrogen (Xenoestrogens) and allow your body to metabolize healthy estrogen better maintaining a balanced level, this way things like testosterone and progesterone work correctly also!  Eating healthy is going to give you the best results combined with Pueraria Mirifica.


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2 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    Hello! I am
    18 and I am thinking of starting the herb. I am afraid though that it may has some side effects and dangers such as breast cancer. What do
    You think about that?

  2. NBEjourney says:

    Hi Mary,

    I started with Fenugreek and now I take Pueraria Mirifica regularly. Of course I am not a doctor, but I can speak as a woman who has taken herbs. I have done some research on it myself for a while before I decided to start taking it also. I found that the highest dietary phytoestrogen consumption is throughout Asia; and at the same time, Asia the largest continent on the planet has the lowest breast cancer rate in the world. Asian women and men have been taking Pueraria Mirifica for centuries for many health purposes and encountered breast growth when using ‘white kwao krua’.

    I took fenugreek for about 3 or 4 months along with saw palmetto and I didn’t like it. I experienced bloating and cellulite. I quit taking everything for about 2 or 3 months and then I began with pueraria mirifica (I have used purafem and herbal elixir), I was okay with both. Currently I am taking one called OrganicBust™️ Enhancement from a new company that I am working with. They are partnering with to bring you effective natural breast enhancing supplements. I really like this pueraria mirifica so far, I see definitive results. You can preorder here if you want

    The one thing that I have noticed with pueraria mirifica is I have gone in and out of tired spurts, which is a sign of the estrogen; but I also notice when I allow myself enough sleep and eat high protein and vegetables, my growth has been exceptional.
    You are young and should do more research for yourself. I feel that pueraria mirifica is a safer alternative to breast augmentation surgery. Make sure to eat healthy and don’t be scared of healthy fats from nuts, coconut oil, fish, avocados and so on…

    Thanks for commenting

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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