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Barlowes Herbal Elixirs Pueraria Mirifica Supplement


Barlowe’s Herbal Elixirs

High quality, farmed cultivar, Pueraria Mirifica herb that is encapsulated (550mg) without adulterants in Vegi-Caps and bottled in glass here in the U.S. Pueraria Mirifica is widely used in Asia for breast enlargement purposes, for the skin, hair, and fingernails. Third Party Tested for Heavy Metals! STEARATE FREE!


  • Quality Sourced Grower in Thailand
  • White Kwao Krua
  • Highest Quality & Potency
  • From Farmed Cultivar
  • Testimonials with Significant Breast Growth
  • Bottled in Glass!
  • Third Party Tested for Heavy Metals
  • No Stearates, Artificial Colors, or Preservatives
  • No Fillers, Adulterants, Gluten, Starch, Wheat, Corn or Rice

Fresh Pueraria has a smell which some people describe as “moldy”. We are large distributors of this product and it comes from a top grower in Thailand. This smell is normal for the product. Pueraria Mirifica is widely used in Asia for breast enlargement purposes. It is also quite beneficial for the skin, hair, and fingernails and helpful against many premenstrual and menopausal problems (including poor lubrication), and is utilized extensively by women in Thailand. It is generally taken orally, but the powder may be removed from a couple of capsules, mixed with your favorite oil, lotion, or creme, and then massaged into breasts for additonal breast enlargement results.
A popular breast enhancing kit for effective natural breast enlargement

These vegetable-derived capsules (Vegan, Kosher and Halal certified) are filled on slow speed equipment and only pure, unadulterated herbal extract is contained in the capsules. There are no magnesium stearates, fillers, flow agents, gelatin, silicates, gluten, corn, wheat, rice, yeast, starch, titanium dioxide, artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives. Capsules produced with high speed equipment in herbal and dietary supplement “factories” generally contain several other ingredients, including powdered lubricants called STEARATES (which can greatly diminish an herb or supplement’s absorption into the body). Check their labels! Barlowe also bottles his products in glass as he believes chemical vapors can vent from plastic containers and contaminate the contents and that glass is better for the environment.

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We gave Barlowe’s Pueraria Mirifica a 4 Star Rating

#1 Authenticity

#2 Low Price Range

#3 Low Side Effects

#4 Ultimately Increased Breast Size

#5  We did not give it a 5 star rating, although it does increase breast size, it also caused some nausea, headaches, tiredness and breast tenderness, which subsided once we adapted to the herb.  We understand this is the price you pay for larger breasts, some may not be able to handle these side effects.  Barlowe’s came through on everything promised, it is not the companies fault.



Barlowe’s Herbal Elixirs Pueraria Mirifica states that it is a pure Pueraria Mirifica (550 mg) from Thailand, bottled in the USA and third party tested for heavy metals.  It says it is a farm cultivated plant and processed in a GMP facility.  It comes with a safety wrap, instructions and ingredients on the back.

It sells for a nice low price of only around $11.00 on amazon: view listing here>

Hear Out Our Opinion

No 1 reason we decided to start gulping the Barlowe’s herb for breast enhancing is because it states everything that we look for in a breast enhancing supplement.

NBEjourney Pueraria Mirifica Pre-requisites Are:

#1  Must Originate in Thailand

#2 Must Be ‘White Kwao Krua’

#3 Must Be Farm Cultivar

#4 Must Be GMP certified

#5 Must Be Pure

Our experience with Barlowe’s Herbal Elixirs Pueraria Mirifica is that it is the real deal for breast enhancing.

Side Effects

We noticed a few side effects such as tiredness, waves of nausea more in the first couple of weeks, headaches, which subsided over a month of use and breast tenderness over the course of use.  We took everyday with the exception of our period.  Most brands recommend to begin a pueraria mirifica on the first day of your period, but we looked farther into this and the Asian culture recommends not to take during menstruation.  It is to be expected that estrogen can make you tired.  I personally gave into the sleepiness and allowed myself to sleep as much as I possibly could as I transitioned and this helped so much for my breast increase all the more.


Eating high protein, good fats and green papaya powder to help metabolize the protein..soon enough I was feeling and seeing my breasts increase in size!  It continued to a cup and a half increase as I steadily took the supplement.  I was noticing cleavage and intimacy was also enhanced


In just over 4 months my breasts were a cup and a half fuller!  My skin is completely clear ( I previously had some cystic acne on my neck, it’s gone!)  Over a month of use, I experienced hormone balance, clear skin and fuller, larger breasts.  I feel better about myself and my husband is definitely happy with the results!


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