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Breast Actives is a Simplified Natural Breast Enlargement Program


I am talking about Breast Actives!  A natural breast enlargement program which includes pills and a cream!  Everything about it is a simplified version of commonly followed NBE programs.

Breast Actives is not skimping on the important herbs that can actually grow your breasts!   As I scanned through several different brands of so called “natural breast enlargement”, “natural breast enhancement pills and creams”, I was ready to “not” believe most of them as far as potency quality, herbal choices, and the suggested doses!  I already knew that I may add some things to my routine, but at least most of the high quality necessary herbs were there in Breast Actives.  Herbs like: *Fenugreek, *Fennel, *Dong Quai in combination with Vitamin E and L-Tyrosine.  I should point out that not one of these ingredients will do the job alone, the incredible effects take play when these are combined and work as a team to increase your breast size!

Before I found Breast Actives I had been using everything that they put in their pills and creams, and I know I was spending more, but sometimes you have to try things on your own before you believe..  Now I am totally obsessed with Breast Actives because it’s such simplicity!  Over all Breast Actives is an effective program, when taken appropriately and consistently!

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Breast Actives is a Simplified Natural Breast Enlargement Program

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Breast Actives is a Simplified Natural Breast Enlargement Program

Fenugreek is a superstar in the natural breast enlargement world!  It not only increases breast size, it also improves cholesterol and digestion, helps to balance hormones and blood sugar, eases PMS and menopausal symptoms, and supports a healthy reproductive system.  Fenugreek seeds come from a plant that science has identified to contain diosgenin and phyto-estrogens, which are the platform of breast formation.


Breast Actives is a Simplified Natural Breast Enlargement Program

A well known herbal seed that can help increase milk production for nursing mothers.  Sound weird to use something recommended for nursing mothers?  Well get used to it because Prolactin is what is needed to enable ‘breast fat storage’ and Fennel helps produce Prolactin whether you are pregnant or not.  This one is surprisingly effective, possibly not quite as noticed as Fenugreek, but it does have a fierce effect for many women.  It can also lower blood pressure, reduce some symptoms of asthma and also is another herb that can improve sex drive.


Dong Quai  

Breast Actives is a Simplified Natural Breast Enlargement Program

The need to keep hormones balanced is possibly the key to the whole process of natural breast growth and that is just what Dong Quai does!  I also drink a tea with Dong Quai in it.  It also helps to increase blood flow, which can help to activate the mammary glands to accept the Prolactin needed to store more fat in the breasts.


Blessed Thistle 

Breast Actives is a Simplified Natural Breast Enlargement Program

Another hormone balancing herb!  It is a well known one to increase mother’s milk supply and that tells us again -Prolactin at work can encourage more fat supply in the breast, thus larger breasts.  I’m gonna be honest, the organic Blessed Thistle tea is the best, but does not taste the best; however I use tons of raw honey or blue agave and it goes down just fine.  It gives me an over all warm feeling and by the end of the day, I always feel a heavier sensation in my boobs.



Breast Actives is a Simplified Natural Breast Enlargement Program

Encourages healthy breast tissue growth.  I love drinking this as a tea in addition.  I am always drinking a tea that helps with breast growth if you haven’t noticed yet ;), but I make sure to rotate.  Dandelion helps to cleanse the liver and this is so important in your NBE journey, we need a liver that does not get clogged with Estrogen.



Breast Actives is a Simplified Natural Breast Enlargement Program 

So are you thinking Kelp?  Never heard of this for breast growth?  Well the reason it is included is because it is used to correct or improve the pituitary glands and thyroid function, thus helping to make all the other ingredients all the more suitable for breast enlargement.  It also has lots of vitamins and minerals!



Breast Actives is a Simplified Natural Breast Enlargement Program

This vegetable is beneficial for enchasing breast growth since it contains high levels of female hormone. Also there were a few studies, which showed that watercress can help to fight breast cancer.


Breast Actives is a Simplified Natural Breast Enlargement Program

Encourages healthy tissue growth, which can help to promote breast growth since breasts are made up of mostly cell tissue and fat.  It is also known to decrease stress and we could all benefit from a little of that, mmhhhmm….

Vitamin E

Breast Actives is a Simplified Natural Breast Enlargement Program

I have personally noticed since I started taking Vitamin E regularly my who program is working even better!  That is because it helps to enable breast cells to be more receptive to estrogen and other much needed hormone interaction.  It is noted in credible sources that Vitamin E can actually be a great preventative to breast cysts.  Also Vitamin E used for improving physical longevity, increasing energy, healing muscle damage quicker after exercise, and overall muscle strength.

Do you see how all of these work together to cultivate the grounds for breast growth?  All of these ingredients have positive (sometimes correlating)  yet intricately individual jobs that endorse each others work!

Now for Breast Actives Cream>

Breast Actives is a Simplified Natural Breast Enlargement Program

A pretty darn exceptional cream, I definitely prefer this over Naturaful as far as ingredient choice and quality.  It may not be as popular or fancy of a label, but on the inside this cream is fierce competition for any quality breast enlargement cream out there.  In fact you would have a hard time finding a cream that has all the potent and essential nutrients combined for superior growth.  I know I sound like I’m marketing it right now, but I personally would use it based on the potency level and ingredient choice formula!  There are real women who are using Breast Actives program and getting very nice results, like 2 cup sizes in 6 months!  Now granted, to get those kind of results you have to use it consistently, just like any program!



Pueraria Mirifica  Extract

Many of us know this is a breast enlargement herb, one of the most effective ones there is currently.  It delivers possibly the highest dose of estrogen from an herb that is known.  Buying this extract as an individual is very expensive.

Red Clover Extract

Also delivers high levels of photo-estrogens particularly genistein, which is a known isoflavone that attaches to human estrogen receptors promoting farther breast growth.


A photo-estrogen capable of naturally enlarging breasts.

Saw Palmetto Extract

Lowers testosterone levels and encouraging hormone balance.  This is a necessary component to any NBE program!

Maria Puama Extract

Increases sex drive, could help to boost Prolactin occurrences.

Aloe Vera  

Soothing and moisturizing.

Shea Butter 

Moisture rich, leaving your breasts feeling luxuriously soft.

Butea Supera Extract

Helps to improve circulation which can increase Prolactin.

Borage Oil 

A highly recommended oil to use with breast care.

Damiana Extract

Increases sex drive and balances hormones.

Wild Yam Extract

Such a good for for natural breast enlargement.  I take it everyday in water also!  It can help to balance hormones and increase Progesterone levels.

Sepiliftiii Sodium Hyaluronate Acid 

Helps to repair tissue and improving elasticity.

Breast Actives got their program right on!  I can tell you I say Yes to Breast Actives as a qualified Natural Breast Enlargement Program that has the potential to grow breasts to their fullest potential!

The biggest bang for your buck is going to be to get the 6 month supply of Breast Actives; however I would start with a 1 month supply myself just to make sure it’s a fit!

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