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Can Eating HERBAL PAPAYA Boost Your NBE Efforts?

Is Science finding Truth in the Wisdom of old Traditional Remedies in South America?

Can Eating HERBAL PAPAYA Boost Your NBE Efforts?

We decided to look into Papaya as a breast enhancing food after hearing about it’s popularity in Asia for breast growth abilities.  The resounding message that I repeatedly noticed was that West American voices were calling it more on the side of a “myth” and Asian voices were speaking on behalf of actual experiences.  Granted the point should be made that the “Green Papaya” is twice as high in enzymes.   Also the Papaya alone is not going to make your breasts increase as much as an “isoflavone” like pueraria mirifica.  But taken with a rock solid NBE regime, ‘green papaya‘ has the enzymes and various nutrients to break down, absorb, secrete and filter necessary components such as proteins and female hormones that are needed to supply your breasts with essential nutrition.

Though many South Americans can stand as anecdotal recipients of the amazing benefits of the Papaya Fruit, science cannot deny the nutritional facts about Papaya.

The Papaya is high in enzymes and particularly Vitamin C and A.  Below is the Nutrition Facts.

Can Eating HERBAL PAPAYA Boost Your NBE Efforts?

Why is Unripe Green Papaya so Good for You?

Referenced from Herbal Papaya

Potassium Content 

Green papayas have a higher amount of potassium than ripe papayas. Potassium is one of the major electrolytes in the blood (the others are sodium and chloride), carrying a positive electrical charge.


Better Digestion

Green papayas have higher papain, a protein-digesting enzyme, concentration than ripe ones. The papain and chymopapain along with other enzymes and phytonutrients help improve digestion.

Because of their high fiber content, the enzymes present in raw papaya, and the latex, green papayas are perfect for naturally cleaning the digestive system. They help move waste more efficiently and green papaya juice helps to cleanse the colon naturally.



Green papaya contains more active enzymes than the ripe papaya. It contains papain and chymopapain, two very potent enzymes which help in the breakdown of fat, proteins, and carbohydrates, and supports a healthy metabolism. 

In fact, papain has been found to be more efficient in the breakdown of fats than pepsin which is produced by the stomach.


Carotenoids Content 

In a study published in The British Journal of Nutrition raw papaya was found to have the greatest amount of carotenoids compared to tomatoes and carrots. The carotenoids present in raw papaya were also found to be more easily usable by the human body when compared to those found in other fruits.

Carotenoids act as health nutrients for the body. They help give the immune system a natural boost.

Some carotenoids are converted by the body to vitamin A, which is essential for vision, growth, and development.


Helps Increase Milk Production

Green papaya has a compound that helps improve lactation in new mothers. It is well known for this purpose in traditional alternative medicine.



Green papaya has high protease enzyme content, giving it de-sloughing properties that help keep skin fresh and healthy. 



With this extensive list of health benefits, you can see that unripe papaya are a miracle fruit. The next time you buy them among your ripe fruits, don’t leave them out to ripen. You can eat them as they are.

Unripe papayas are green on the outside and not pulpy. The inside of the green fruit is sometimes white in color. Green papayas are not that popular when compared to the ripe ones because they do not contain as much sugar.

In fact, they are difficult to eat raw.

They typically need to be incorporated into a recipe with other ingredients in order to satisfy the taste buds. You can include green papayas in a vegetable salad, for example. Alternatively, you can cook them or juice them.

To help you consume green papaya more easily we have created a Green Papaya Powder to help you get all the benefits of eating an unripe papaya. You can easily sprinkle a serving of the powder over cereal, in a salad or over your meal.  



Farther Research into Green Papaya for Natural Breast Enhancement:

Wow, was I impressed with how incredible the papaya is for us in general!  Here are a few  little details about the papaya that make such a big impact on breast development –

  • What is the Special Nutrient in Papaya that digests Protein optimally?

The Nutrient is called papain. This enzyme helps to break down proteins, fats and carbs, as well as aiding healthy digestion. The enzyme papain is superior to the digestive pepsin produced by our own stomachs!


Papain is a powerful digestive enzyme commonly found and extracted from the papaya fruit (Carica papaya) , it is also referred to as papaya proteinase.  The fruit, as well as the other parts of the papaya tree, contain papain, an enzyme that helps digest proteins. This enzyme is especially concentrated in the fruit when it is unripe. Papain is extracted to make digestive enzyme dietary supplements.  The most important thing to note is that it is the ‘Green Papaya’ that is most effective for protein breakdown, digestion of and healthy secretion of female hormones like estrogen and progesterone.  Protein helps tissue growth, which is necessary if you’re trying to increase your breast size. They’re also the “basic building blocks of hormones,” which essentially control the size and function of your breasts.  Protein also helps to synthesize HGH (human growth hormone), which is pertinent to breast development.   Amino acids in protein-rich foods stimulate the production of HGH and when protein-rich foods are more efficiently broken down and digested well, the body has a much better ability to utilize the protein effectively.  Now your breasts are able to get more of everything they need to build healthy tissue, fat and mammary glands.

Side Note:  “Papain holds compounds that may aid in protecting the body from cellular damage caused by free radicals. One study published in the Journal of Dairy Science found that papain can offer a potential alternative to chemical additives for increased survival of probiotic bacteria in yogurt due to its oxidation properties. Similarly, it is also a powerful agent commonly used in food preservation, as it reduces bacterial infestations and spoilage due to oxidation.”

Summed Up:  Green Papaya is high in an enzyme called papain.  This enzyme creates an optimal digestive system for the breakdown and absorption of particularly protein, fats, carbs and hormones.  This process enables the body to utilize proteins, fats, carbs and hormones to their fullest potential, thus creating the perfect environment for healthy breast development.

It all makes sense now why Papaya is such a big part of the South American NBE regime for natural breast enlargement benefits.

So now the Question is: How To Consume this Papaya?

Of course you can eat a plain ole’ green papaya, but the yummiest and most convenient way, also more concentrated way would be to add ‘Green Papaya Powder‘  to your smoothie, yogurt, or juice!

Try the Green Papaya We Prefer to Eat!

Can Eating HERBAL PAPAYA Boost Your NBE Efforts?


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