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Discreetly Store Your NBE Essentials in a “Happy Life Quotes” Bag!

Do you need a place to store your natural breast enlargement supplements and creams?  We found the perfect bag!   Discreetly store your NBE essentials in a “Happy Life Quotes” Bag!

Discreetly Store Your NBE Essentials in a "Happy Life Quotes" Bag!

As a mom of a three year old I have needed to keep my NBE essentials way high up in a cupboard or a lovely bag (which I also have to put up).  I kind of struggled with organizing my NBE supplements and creams in the beginning of my journey to naturally increasing my breast size.  I wanted a way to discreetly keep my supplements and creams together in a safe place!

This Bag is Perfect!

Discreetly Store Your NBE Essentials in a "Happy Life Quotes" Bag!

“Happy Girls are the Prettiest” is such an inspirational quote by Audrey Hepburn!

Our motivational zipper bag adds a boost of inspiration to your daily routine! This bag includes a hand lettered design and stylish gold zipper, large enough for supplements and creams!
  • 8″x9″ with a 1.5″ Bottom to Hold all of Your Essentials
  • Cotton Canvas Exterior with a Gorgeous Light Pink Interior
  • One Sided Hand Written Design
  • Stylish Gold Zipper
  • Hand Wash in Cold Water as Needed

You can find these lovely bags at Organic Bust™ our sister company, building a store that revolves around supplements, creams, oils and tools so that you can succeed in your NBE Journey!


These ‘Happy Life Quotes’ bags are made of heavy duty cotton canvas, with a nice 8″ x 9″ and 1″ x 5″ bottom.  It can carry supplements, creams, makeup -whatever you need!  It is a discreet way to hold your NBE supplies.

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