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My First Week: Natural Breast Enlargement

Hey Friend!

I’m doing it! I started my NBE program  -my Natural Breast Enlargement Journey has begun and this is my journal!

Whether you are just getting started too, or just curious and want to find out “is this actually real?”, “can I naturally grow bigger boobs?” or maybe you’ve been doing it and are experienced -you will enjoy following along my NBE journey! Why don’t we go on this NBEjourney together! If you subscribe here, you’ll get all my updates, plus my own personal documentary of a realistic NBE journey and details about my program!

Starting Size:  34 A

Goal Size:  34 D

At the bottom of this post I have listed all the products that I use that are mentioned in this post.  These are herbs and oils that I use because I chose them for my NBE program.  Some of them have affiliate links which can incur a commission, which supports the efforts that I put into this blog.  Thankyou so much for any support!

My First NBE Week!

My First Week: Natural Breast Enlargement

“this bra is a 34 A and it fits loose” 🙁

My first week kind of sucked because I was expecting a miracle and I just didn’t see much change at all!  I don’t know what I was thinking, it takes time for our bodies to adjust and develop -it simply is not instant.  I’m gonna be honest this program takes patience, dedication, and consistency for not one month, not two, it could take more like a year possibly even two years!  But my take on it is: I’m starting at a (34A) and by the time I get to the size I want (34 C or D) 😉 I will be so proud of myself, I will have not only gained a bountiful new set of breasts, but a whole new confidence in the fact that I didn’t need surgery and I feel better then ever about myself!  I will also be happy that I can still feel my boobs and that they are naturally soft, no hard scar tissue from the implants!

I was Confused!

I was not sure what to take, how much to take, when to take it and I have a dilema, I can’t swallow pills and if I went and got all the herbs without thinking up a plan I was screwed.  I had already started a detox morning routine with a banana, strawberry smoothie every morning, so I figured I could just open the herb capsules up and dump them in my smoothie!  And this worked great for me!  This whole week I was researching the safety of this stuff and what works best and what mg is necessary to actually get my boobs bigger.

I Learned!

Here is what I started taking right off the bat!

I Started out taking 1 Capsule of each three times per day and the directed drops of the extract 2 to 3 times per day.  With powders I started out with a small amount and within 2 weeks got up to the amounts that I needed to increase breast size.

The first 2 or 3 days I was scared of taking too much so I just took the recommended amounts per herb, for example -I took 1 or 2 a day of fenugreek and so on!  I learned that one capsule a day was just not enough to do a thing, although I needed to start out low dose to get my body adapted well to it.  If you start up taking way too much you can set yourself up for some negative side effects like acne, stomach ache, headaches, moodiness, itchiness.  So I started out with the recommended amount of each herb.  As you move along you should fairly quickly move your dose up to around 1 of each 3 times per day or 2 of each 3 times per day.

Massage Takes Dedication!

I believe you cannot get your breasts much bigger without massage.  The massage gets the circulation going and this moves the healthy blood much faster to your breasts, also it expands the breast tissues when done right.  Also you can massage an oil/extract mixture on -I regularly use vitamin E oil and either Wild Yam Extract or Red Clover Extract at least once per day.  I also started taking jojoba oil in the shower and massaging while the warm water was going!  This oil has a high amount of Vitamin E and this is a crucial vitamin for healing and developing healthy connective tissue.  I may try flaxseed oil too, I hear it works good for natural breast enlargement!  Oh yes and I also bought a heating pad which I generally only use it after my massage at bedtime for about a half hour along with my tea.  It’s also very soothing and gets me ready for a goodnight of sleep.

In One Week!

I learned so much this week!  I never even knew that I could naturally enlarge my breasts and now I am beginning to feel fuller and firmer.  And my flat empty boobs are actually starting to look rounder!  Although there is no growth this week….

but I feel major tingling and I read that means they’re growing!

Also I noticed one night I thought for sure they looked bigger but then in the morning they looked small again and I realized that at night hormones are at a rise and then they fall by morning, but it gave me hope to know that they can actually look bigger!  I also read that when they enlarge like that and then go back down, they don’t go all the way back down each time, slowly but surely they gain and become bigger breasts!

Here’s the basic herbs that I use regularly (everyday) I don’t obsess, but I make sure that I am getting collagen and fenugreek on a daily basis!

A simple and effective NBE program