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How Flaxseed Can Reset Your Estrogen and Develop Bigger Breasts!

How Flaxseed Can Reset Your Estrogen and Develop Bigger Breasts!

How Flaxseed Can Reset Your Estrogen and Develop Bigger Breasts!

Hey girls! Did you know that there are foods that can heal and balance our bodies!  If your breasts are underdeveloped or shrunken, it’s time to seek their full potential.  In most cases it is likely a hormone imbalance somewhere!  Before there was so much commercialized synthetic medications people relied on natural remedies, which often worked even better without side effects!  In today’s pharmaceutical world it’s all about convincing people that you are not capable of understanding your own body, so that you are detached and leave all your ailments up to the conventional doctor who usually gives you a human manipulated medicine that leaves you lacking in new things, causing a cyclic health problem. Most of us ladies want bigger breasts and need a little insight into natural and simple and not to mention inexpensive ways to do just that!  To get started with developing bigger breasts we must balance our hormones starting with the number one female hormone the “controversial” estrogen.  It’s time to take control and learn how to live an all around healthier lifestyle and the boobs will fill out naturally!

Flaxseed Is:

How Flaxseed Can Reset Your Estrogen and Develop Bigger Breasts!

Flaxseed is obviously a seed and one that has a lot of great health benefits!  Benefits for example: flaxseed contributes to healthy breast cells, lowering the risk of cancer, helps to balance estrogen levels, anti-inflammatory,  lowers cholesterol, helps in the management of diabetes, helps manage menopausal symptoms, reduces menses pains and many more… You can also massage with flaxseed oil!

What is it about Flaxseed that increases breasts?

How Flaxseed Can Reset Your Estrogen and Develop Bigger Breasts!

Flaxseed meal is the only thing that I have literally noticed a difference overnight!  I have 2 to 3 tablespoons mixed in whole milk and I immediately began feeling growing sensations, not painful, but more of a buzz like feeling.  You will notice right away.” -molly


Xenoestrogens is one of the reasons that many women have underdeveloped breasts!  We are eating everything that we are told is okay, but in fact much of it has hidden risks from Xenoestrogens.  These are yucky little bastards that corrupt our estrogen levels and ultimately cause us a list of issues!

‘How Flaxseed can help to Reset Your Estrogen Develop Bigger Breasts!’ 

Flaxseed has phytoestrogen properties and I’m sure you’ve read it all over about how estrogen can help to increase breast size, well yes; but the way that flaxseed works is that it inhibits Xenoestrogens (the fake estrogen we do not want, the cancer causing estrogen), How Flaxseed Can Reset Your Estrogen and Develop Bigger Breasts! which is in things like plastic, metals, preservatives, pesticides, steroids, synthetic hormones, and much more in our environment today.  By reducing the bad estrogen the body is able to level out other hormones in response.

How Flaxseed can help to Reset Your Estrogen & Develop Bigger Breasts!

The goal of the flaxseed is to reject crap estrogen, thus helping to balance your current estrogen levels.  Most of us these days have too much xenoestrogens and it’s technically called “estrogen dominant” but it does not mean you don’t need more healthy estrogen from foods and herbs, no the point is to rid your body of the xenoestrogens (with the help of flaxseed) and maintain healthy stabilized estrogen levels. The confusion begins when people assume that phytoestrogens cause cancer.  These actually do just the opposite of what most people commonly assume.  You may think that by consuming more phytoestrogens you are increasing your estrogen levels, but phytoestrogens are actually inhibiting xenoestrogens and supporting less cell divide.

Here is a really good reference in order to understand the misunderstood phytoestrogens…

“Although the conventional medical community identifies all estrogens, including phytoestrogens, as carcinogenic and surely to be feared, plant estrogens may actually reduce estrogen activity in the body. In fact, phytoestrogens are not really estrogens, they are anti-estrogens. Plant estrogens protect us from the stronger estrogens our bodies produce as well as the xenoestrogens found in environmental chemicals—they actually contains compounds that have been shown to reduce the growth and spread of cancer cells. Flax, being a phytoestrogen, is simply misunderstood.”

Not only does flaxseed promote healthy estrogen levels and give you an abundant source of omega-3’s (a fatty acid that your breast tissue loves) flaxseed is also a cancer fighter.  It is reported that women who consume the highest amount of omega-3’s are at lower risk for cancer.  Omega’s reduce inflammation and decrease the amount of breast cells that divide due to estrogen.  Flaxseed is simply a misunderstood cancer fighter all because people are under the notion that anything with phytoestrogen properties is coined as unsafe!  But in fact phytoestrogens are actually reducing the amount of Xenoestrogens that can cause up to 1000 cells to split versus phytoestrogens which only splits one.  Cell’s splitting in excess is cause for concern when it comes to cancer risk!  The less cells splitting the better and flaxseed helps to prevent the amount of cells splitting compared to Xenoestrogens.

One more helpful reference

“Think of it this way.  If you flood your system with phytoestrogens such as flax, they have the opportunity to block the receptors and only weakly stimulate cell proliferation.  While estrogen may cause 1000 cells to divide, phytoestrogens cause only one cell to divide.  Further, because compounds in flaxseed act as weak estrogen imitators, your body reacts by decreasing its production of estrogen. If you have too much estrogen, you may see your estrogen levels drop when you eat flaxseed. Additionally, the estrogens that your body naturally manufactures may be a less active form.”

When I first heard of it in this way

I immediately thought well flaxseed won’t enable breast growth if it is lowering estrogen levels.  When we have too much estrogen our body quits excepting healthy estrogen.  It basically says enough is enough!  When I finally got this, it was when I understood that our breasts develop under the circumstance of healthy estrogen which builds collagen and develops healthy breast tissue.  Excess amounts of xenoestrogens due to common diets and life environments disables our body to perform correctly and develop our female curves to their full potential!  Remember when the estrogen is off, so is the progesterone, testosterone and so on….

How to Eat Flaxseed?

You can find them in certain foods, but the best way to get a daily adequate consumption would be to eat it in the ground meal form, check it out here!

How Flaxseed Can Reset Your Estrogen and Develop Bigger Breasts!

Eat organic flaxseed meal on yogurt, oatmeal or any breakfast cereal or in a smoothie!  I eat it in either organic whole milk or almond milk.  I fill a small glass with my milk and then add 2 to 3 tablespoons in the morning and at night!  I almost immediately feel a rush in my breasts and noticeable size increase. Here is what I use for my NBE program!