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My Balanced Natural Breast Enlargement Program!

Hey my Friends!

I know it is so helpful to see what other people are taking, well only if they are getting great results right?  And so far Soo Good!  I am now in my 7th week, I started with a 34A cup size and I am now fuller and filling up a 34B.  I have gained some side boob and I am thinking of trying a 36B.  I am already imagining filling up a C in another couple months!  My goal is a full D and I have faith it will happen!  And that’s part of it ladies!  You have to believe this will happen, you basically have to take control of your body with your mind and say -it’s happening, my breasts are going to grow and get big!  Western culture has somewhat become detached from a sensory, rhythmic understanding of their bodies, we rely on the doctors to tell us what’s okay and what’s not okay!  I like to know things for myself and not be left out of an opportunity because of lack of knowledge!

Here’s my current program!

I started out with an extremely complicated program where I follow my follicular and luteal phases with pueraria mirifica and then switch back to Fenugreek.  However, it may work for many, it was way to complicated for me to take my temp every morning and I didn’t love the way the pueraria mirifica made me feel.

I do however use a Progesterone cream during my Luteal Phase, just like according to the chart below!  I found out that after 3 kids I was low on Progesterone and as soon as I started putting it on my breasts, they immediately got larger.  I am very happy with my current program and I am happy to share it with you!

My Balanced Natural Breast Enlargement Program!
menstrual cycle hormone level. average menstrual cycle. follicular phase, ovulation, luteal phase.

The goal is to raise your estrogen levels when they naturally rise during your Follicular phase and then raise Progesterone levels during your naturally higher Progesterone production!  Progesterone and Estrogen work together in harmony to keep you well endowed!


Note:  It’s all about balancing your hormones


My Herbs & Schedule

My Balanced Natural Breast Enlargement Program!

Everyday I take


My Balanced Natural Breast Enlargement Program!

I take 3 to 4 tsp. per day.  For some people the capsules are more convenient, but I have found that the organic fenugreek powder is much more potent and has proven better results for me!



My Balanced Natural Breast Enlargement Program!
I take 3 to 4 of the above capsules per day.  This is a high quality, more potent version of your usual saw palmetto (berry powder form) capsules.

#3  MACA

My Balanced Natural Breast Enlargement Program!

My Balanced Natural Breast Enlargement Program!


I use the Raw Maca Powder in my smoothie!  I take 2 to 3 teaspoons per day.

I actually started out with a Maca from another company and it didn’t specify anything, whether it was raw or red.  I went for a Raw Red Maca because Raw is always better for optimal nutrients and the Red is the highest in Phytoestrogens of all the Maca Roots.  It is known to help balance women’s hormones and it has made  huge difference for me.

#4  Vitamineral Earth™ Powder

My Balanced Natural Breast Enlargement Program!

I take 1 to 2 teaspoons per day

This may be a bit pricey, but I sprang for it!  You can try it out here for around 4 bucks.  It has such an incredible choice of herbal roots and seeds that all contribute to breast growth, I was convinced this was a special piece to add to my routine!  As you can see I try to keep my other herbs at a low cost, but I splurged on the Vitamineral Earth because I could not buy all the quality herbs separately and wouldn’t want to take all the herbs and probiotics separately.  Also taking the recommended one tablespoon per day make the jar go a long way.

 A Couple Tips

I use Nature’s Way Flax Oil Super Lignan and  Nature’s Bounty Vitamin E-Oil 30,000 IUwhenever I massage, it’s rich in omega-3 and is giving very good results!  I add Progesterone cream (make sure it is ‘natural and USP Grade) for two weeks during my luteal phase. Some women use Progesterone cream all month long, but it is recommended to take a break.  It works really well for me to use it 2 weeks after my period and then use it for a solid 2 weeks, this way I am using it during my luteal phase when my natural progesterone is highest.  I take a multivitamin and in addition I take a L-lysine and L-arginine.  I take an added dose of vitamin E, A, Calcium + D3 supplement.  I also add a Flaxseed and Chia Seed mixture to my smoothies everyday!

SIDE NOTE: It’s been a few months since this routine and I have switched over to pueruaria mirifica, maca, vitamins and a good diet and I am seeing much quicker growth then before!  I am also able to feel comfortable and not gain overall weight!  So far so good!  Here’s a more recent post about it, click here.

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My Balanced Natural Breast Enlargement Program!