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My Fifth Week: Natural Breast Enlargement



Starting Size:  34 A (Small)

Current Size:  34 A (Full)

Goal Size:  34 D

My Fifth Week:

I am settled into a seriously dedicated routine, now in my fifth week of natural breast enlargement, I am seeing and feeling significant changes!  I am noticing that everything that I am taking is now really beginning to take effect over all!  My body feels better, I get less headaches (I think my headaches were previously due to low progesterone), my skin is looking better then usual without makeup on and my hair is hydrated!  But are my breasts growing??  YES, even my man notices!  I am feeling pretty elated that I am doing something great for my body and my breasts are getting bigger!


How Has my Program Changed Since Last Week?

So it seems like every week I learn a little more about NBE and I have added some things and taken some things away!

I have added Gelatin!  I am now taking The Maca Team Red Root Maca “Raw” for hormone balance, which is known to boost breast growth!  I started using Progesterone Cream during my luteal phase and I am noticing that I feel much better mood wise and my breasts are feeling different, like a growth spurt kind of feeling, so I am excited to see the difference in the next month!  I had three babies and I have all the symptoms of low progesterone:  migraines, low sex drive, hot flashes around period time, and two out of three babies were not full term.


Here I am in my first week a small 34 A, there is even room in this size 34 A bra.

My Fifth Week: Natural Breast Enlargement

Now at the end of my 5th week here below, I am filling up the size 34 A bra.  I am beginning to fit into a 34 B and will be retiring my 34 A cup bras and happy to say I have almost grown one cup size in 5 weeks.  sorry about the low quality photo’s, it’s my iPhone in bad light.  I finally bought a dslr and I am learning how to use it, so soon I will have much clearer higher quality images 🙂

Five weeks later, I have gained about 4 or 5 pounds and I feel like I look so much healthier too!  In the beginning I was 110 or under and now I am nearing 115!  I am hoping to gain more and managing it with exercise.

My Fifth Week: Natural Breast Enlargement


My advice:

Stick with it, even if you don’t think you see much, things are happening at this point and soon you’ll start to notice a real difference!  I do not wear a bra as much as possible and massage everyday!  I use progesterone cream 2 weeks out of the month during my luteal phase, just a couple dots and spread it around on the breasts.  Keep your original bra around with your starting size so.  Try it on once every month or so and see the difference!  This helps me a lot to really know that this works!

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