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My Fourth Week: Natural Breast Enlargement

Whether you are just getting started too, or just curious and want to find out “is this actually real?”, “can I naturally grow bigger boobs?” or maybe you’ve been doing it and are experienced -you will enjoy following along my NBE journey! Why don’t we go on this NBEjourney together! If you subscribe here, you’ll get all my updates, plus my own personal documentary of a realistic NBE journey and details about my program!

Starting Size:  34 A (Small)

Current Size:  34 A (Full)

Goal Size:  34 D

My 4th Week So Far:

I have stuck to a pretty darn consistent schedule, but I was sick last week and missed a dose or two of my herbs and a couple massage sessions because I was too sick to even care.  I needed sleep more then anything really..  But now that I am in my fourth week, I started my period and started on my Pueararia Mirifica for the first time.  I will be trying out Purafem PM capsules during my next follicular phase. I am not taking this straight through the whole month.  I am staying conscious of best practices and using it while my estrogen is up and giving my body a break when my estrogen levels go down and my progesterone levels go up during the luteal phase.

What Happened in My Fourth Week of Natural Breast Enlargement?

I am beginning to actually see a difference in my A cup bra, there is a little bump, as if cleavage is trying to emerge, lol.  My breasts are slowly, but surely getting fuller and heavier.  I am certain that they absolutely cannot change much without massage.  I feel that every time I massage, they look bigger.  Then they go down a bit, but they seem to keep a little bit of the expansion every time.  It’s very exciting to know that in several months from now I actually may have some cleavage.

I breast fed 3 babies so my boobs became deflated after that.  They basically retired and I thought that was it for them.  My boobs were no longer an “attractive” asset to me.  Mother’s who have breastfed probably know what I mean when there is a dip in the breast right before the nipple.  So my boobs were not just flat, they were caving in, like sucked in!  I always would say, my kids are sucking the life out of my boobs!  And they looked tired and worn out!  In my fourth week now after beginning my NBE program I am seeing positive change.  That dip is filling in, just enough to give me hope for the future.  I am actually serious, I know I sound kind of jokey sometimes, I am so happy to see that my breasts can actually look full and round.  All the hard work pays off ladies!  Don’t give up!

What Has changed About my Program in the last week?

I am always researching more and more everyday!  I know I am going to start taking beef gelatin, and maybe biotin?  I have read some not so great side effects of biotin.  I have taken it before and it did seem to make my hair thicker, which was lovely, but my skin got oilier and I don’t like that!  Oh yes, just to let you know -many of the herbs in the NBE programs can improve skin significantly!  I think Maca and Saw Palmetto is doing wonders for my skin and it helps to enlarge boobs -Maca is a miracle herb!  I use a Raw Red Maca Powder from The Maca Team currently.

I bought Organic Flax Oil to use as my massage oil and holy moses it makes a big difference!  It has more than 50% Omega 3!  Mine also has mixed tocopherols which are vitamin e and should be in conjunction with your program for better results.

I am noticing fuller, much heavier breasts.  Not a huge difference in size, but I am filling up the A and I must switch to a B.  Although I won’t fill the B up yet, I’m on the way there!

This is actually going better then I thought!  I am really excited for what the next months will do!

My Advice
Stick with it, even if you don’t think you see much, things are happening at this point and soon you’ll start to notice a real difference!  I do not wear a bra as much as possible, but I try on my little A cup bras to see the difference, and I do!  Keep your original size that you started the program with and every couple of weeks go back and try it and see the growth!

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