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My Second Week: Natural Breast Enlargement

Whether you are just getting started too, or just curious and want to find out “is this actually real?”, “can I naturally grow bigger boobs?” or maybe you’ve been doing it and are experienced -you will enjoy following along my NBE journey! Why don’t we go on this NBEjourney together! If you subscribe here, you’ll get all my updates, plus my own personal documentary of a realistic NBE journey and details about my program!


At the bottom of this post I have listed all the products that I use that are mentioned in this post.  These are herbs and oils that I use because I chose them for my NBE program.  Some of them have affiliate links which can incur a commission, which supports the efforts that I put into this blog.  Thankyou so much for any support!

My Second NBE Week!

My Second week I just feel anxious and keep checking my boobs to see if they are growing, lol!  It’s so silly of me to think I’m going to literally see them grow right before my eyes in a day or two or even a couple weeks!  This is probably my biggest misconception and I am slowly realizing that if this is really going to work for me, I have to find peace with the reality that this is going to take patience sticking to a consistent routine for a long time.  I never knew how many Xenoestrogens (chemical estrogen) was in a typical American diet.  I am now working on switching completely to Organic everything, as much as possible!  From shampoo, detergent, plastic containers, to food and drinks!

I have read around so many comments here and there all over the place and so many women are mad and are giving up after the first couple weeks because they don’t see the changes happening that they had expected!  But what they and myself have not been understanding is that the girls that got big amazing boobs throughout their NBE program took 1 to 2 years of serious dedication!  It takes Years to get the results they wanted!  I am settling into my routine and keeping my mind at ease and focused.  My boobs are feeling fuller, but do not look much different other then maybe smoother.

As I research NBE programs and what’s best for me I have added a few things..  Things like certain Vitamins and minerals that boost the process and are actually extremely good in general to take.

Here is what I added this week to my NBE program

Maca, MSM, Primrose Oil, Ground Flaxseed (Omega 3 & Lignans), L-Arginine, Vitamin E, Biotin, DHA

Don’t forget plenty of water!!

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