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Taking Pueraria Mirifica and Natural Progesterone Cream for Bigger Rounder Breasts

Everything that I recommend are products that I have personally used and currently use

So now that I understand that (Pueraria Mirifica is an herb that mimics the natural tendencies of estrogen) and Bountiful Bird Natural Progesterone cream (with organic herbs) can improve my progesterone levels I have come up with a routine that is working for me.  Of course there are many more things that can be very beneficial to an NBE routine, but I have realized that this is working for me lately.  I have scaled my routine back for the purpose of testing to see what is working for me.  I know what it’s like to be doing way too many things to the point that I don’t know what is working and what is a waste of money, time and concern.  I’m going to write a new updated simplified routine post because my routine is more simple then ever now.  It’s less stressful too.


Taking Pueraria Mirifica and Natural Progesterone Cream

for Bigger Rounder Breasts

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I am 30 something, I’ve had three kids, I am 5’4, I fluctuate between 115 and 122 pounds.  I eat generally organic, lean meats, not a ton of milk (it can bother my skin), I watch my sugar intake and I drink as much liquids as possible throughout the day.  I take PM at night as a tea and Natural Progesterone Cream during the day.

Why and How Often I Use PM and Progesterone Cream

disclaimer: I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice and I am not telling anyone to do anything, I am sharing what is working for me.  Thanks for reading

When I finally got consistent with taking Pueraria Mirifica every night and applying my Progesterone Cream every morning, I feel and see breast growth.  I picked bountiful bird because it is organic and has a 2% natural progesterone level.

I decided to start using both, one at night and one during the day in hopes to help to regulate these hormones actions and at the same time increasing both.  I didn’t want to take a ton of estrogenic herbs and over do it, no one should do that.  All it takes is a little bit (trust me) and in a matter of 2 months you will feel and see results.  Also make sure to massage, especially because you don’t want to have estrogen or progesterone build up in your breasts.  Massaging breasts can increase circulation and lymph drainage, enabling hormone filtering and working power.  I was having a few problems when I was only taking pueraria mirifica alone and more then I am now, things like tiredness and headaches.  I was taking too much, so I started taking half of it and only at night, so that I could kind of sleep through it (my answer) and the progesterone cream helped to balance the process.  I cannot tell you how much better and happier I am now that I feel that I have solved my issues and I am gaining size quickly.  I can’t wait to see how it goes in the 2 to 3 months, I will be updating images.  I know I haven’t put a ton of images of myself, but I am a mom of three (usually my excuse) and I have been trying to find what works for me.

How much Do I Take?

Taking Pueraria Mirifica and Natural Progesterone Cream for Bigger Rounder Breasts

What is working for me is Organic Bust Enhancement (360 mg pueraria mirifica) which will be available for everyone towards the end of February.  If interested contact me at for more information. It’s a natural breast increasing herb similar to other natural pueraria mirifica supplements out there, except much better, more powerful, read about it here.  Then I take Bountiful Bird 2% Progesterone cream during the day, only a half a pump per breast, once during the day.  Taking too much of either can cause tiredness, headaches and bloat, just as with any source of these herbs can do.  Take it in moderation consistently with a break in the month (during menstruation) and over time you will get results.

I also massage at night lately with almond oil (because it’s cheap and high in vitamin e), I went through an entire bottle of flax oil and really liked it alot (but it does have a distinctive smell).  But massaging is one of the best ways to increase breast size because it increases blood flow to the breasts and this brings more nutrients, filters hormones and drains lymph glands of toxins (including reducing the xenoestrogens).

The 3 main things to increase breast size

  • Hormone balance (eat well)
  • Estrogen (Herb) & Progesterone (progesterone)
  • Massage (with vitamin e)




About Bountiful Bird Progesterone Cream

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Taking Pueraria Mirifica and Natural Progesterone Cream for Bigger Rounder Breasts

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    Bountiful Bird Organic Herbs Progesterone Cream, 3.5 oz (100 g) Click Here

I have not been as accurate with my female phases as I should be, but I am getting better at it.  But since I have been taking Pueraria Mirifica at night and apply cream directly to my breasts (avoid the nipples) and I am feeling much better for one, but I am noticing my breasts increasing in size.  I take a break from PM during my period.  I am going based on my cycle.  I want to balance my hormones and just faintly increase my female hormones.  My main goal is to keep my estrogen filtering consistently allowing for healthy estrogen to work correctly.  When this happens, it helps all the other hormones work correctly.


  • I am very consistent with my schedule, taking my herbs at the same time everyday
  • I drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Eat lots of good food like veggies, nuts, lean meat (fish high in omega 3) and fruits (like papaya)
  • I really try to get 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night

Organic Bust Enhancement

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