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Workout and Get Bigger Boobs? Really?

Workout and Get Bigger Boobs? Really?

“Yes!  It really works!”


When you workout you are doing several things that encourage healthy Breast development!

Workout and Get Bigger Boobs? Really?

#1  Exercise Creates HGH!

We need HGH (human growth hormone) for all development and because it sort of plummets after puberty we are left with whatever we have, which sometimes is a small chest.  Of course this is not the only reason that we have large or small breasts, but I personally feel that my chest did not fill out (develop) when it should have.  I either was not eating enough or not creating enough HGH and estrogen during puberty to develop a bigger bust.  I never loved to eat until I was an adult and then it was after the fact, my growth spurt was over. Now I have a chance to get some of that lost growth by working for HGH and taking herbs that mimic female hormones.  In addition you can increase HGH by taking amino acids which are found in collagen and gelatin.

#2  Exercise Increases Circulation and Lymphatic Flow!

Workout and Get Bigger Boobs? Really?

Getting the blood flowing and lymphatic system running smoother is critical for breast health and growth.

Blood flow is important for breast enlargement because it enables better flow of nutrients and estrogen to the breasts.

“Blood flow is greater when you exercise because the blood vessels in your muscles dilate. Imagine water flowing through a fire hose compared to a garden hose. Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is the way your body uses biochemicals to store and use energy. When ATP gets used up in working muscles, the muscles themselves produce metabolic byproducts (for example, adenosine, hydrogen ions and carbon dioxide). As these byproducts leave the muscle cells, they cause small, thin-walled blood vessels (capillaries) within the muscle to expand or dilate, which is called vasodilation. The dilated capillaries allow increased blood flow, which delivers more oxygenated blood to the working muscle.”  –shareware,

Keeping your lymphatic system running smoothly is good for keeping the toxins flushing out consistently, which means getting rid of junk estrogen and keeping the estrogen receptors accessible.

“Exercise may possibly be one of the most effective and easiest ways for you to improve your lymphatic system function. Exercising increases the oxygen supply to tissues and cells and stimulates blood circulation. When the body does not regularly move, toxins remain in muscle. A condition known as hypoxia in which there is a lack of oxygen to an area of the body leaves the door open for the invasion and metastasis of cancer.”


#3  When Your Body is Toned, Your Breasts are Featured!

If you have a large tummy, it takes away from the proportion of your breasts.  Your Breasts will appear more hidden.  If you have a toned figure, your breasts will protrude more and also be firmer (from exercise 🙂 )

If you are eating plenty of protein and are metabolizing it correctly, along with good fats your body will continually to create more and more HGH as you workout!

 #4  Exercise Supports Hormone Balance

This is the quest to basically all healthy lifestyles and that is –balancing hormones.  Exercising on a regular basis can achieve this!  It encourages your thyroid to work correctly and it helps the natural detox process.

What Exercise Moves Can Help to Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

Regular Push-ups

Workout and Get Bigger Boobs? Really?


Wall Push-ups

Workout and Get Bigger Boobs? Really?


Elevated Push-ups

Workout and Get Bigger Boobs? Really?

Dumbbell Flys

Workout and Get Bigger Boobs? Really?

Reverse Dumbbell Flys

Workout and Get Bigger Boobs? Really?

Chest Dips

Workout and Get Bigger Boobs? Really?


So it’s all about staying active, eating clean and following your NBE program.


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